“Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.” –   Mark Twain

A few samples:

The Engineer-in-Residence website: eir.ca

A profile for the CareerMash website: Profile of Martha Van Berkle

An activity for the Engineer-in-Residence Program GuideRoller Coaster Competition

Frequently Asked Questions for the Engineer-in-Residence Program:  EIR FAQs

Advertising card for a mining safety conference: Conference Advertising

Backgrounder to accompany a release on study of firms performing R&D in Canada: Backgrounder

A speech: Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation – University of Ottawa Remarks

Sample of an Engineer-in-Residence Program Newsletter: EIR Newsletter

The very first newspaper ad I created: Montreal Symphony Ad

Press releases and supplement articles: ResearchInfosource

Programs and website text: ResearchMoney