About Janet


I’m Janet Sandor. I develop communications and fundraising strategies for the corporate, education, non-profit, government, and cultural sectors. I began my career in my hometown as press officer for the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, and later worked as a communications consultant for an indie record label, health-related charities, and a television production company. I designed and implemented public relations campaigns to increase the visibility of Quebec-based organizations at home and in the rest of Canada, supported fundraising activities, and wrote, translated, and adapted content for television and the web. In 1999, I joined The Impact Group, a Toronto-based consulting firm with a focus on communications, education, research and policy for Canada’s innovation community. I began with a government relations project and played a key role in launching and running a STEM education outreach initiative. Back in Montreal, I work in all areas of communications from media and stakeholder relations, conference and event planning to program evaluation. I have recently began working with clients in the retail sector.

An advocate of life-long learning, I have volunteered as an ESL and literacy tutor, and served on the steering committee of Science Odyssey. I also helped establish Science Borealis, Canada’s science blog.